There are many carpet cleaning methods that every professional carpet cleaning service make use of. Each method has its advantage and disadvantage however how do you know which method you should go for?  

There are two major differences between methods in carpet cleaning. Wet cleaning involves water that is heated in order to both clean and sanitize the carpet in your home. More than that, a pad that has absorbent properties is also included to complete the process. On the other hand, dry cleaning is more focused on powdered form of cleaning substances. These powered form cleaning agents have chemicals that ensures that when it is applied to the carpet or rugs in your home, it will be cleaned thoroughly without the need of introducing liquid. The process often involves brushes that cleans as it rotates.  

1. Wet Cleaning Method 

This method is more known by the name steam cleaning or hot water extraction. The first part of the process is the introduction of a chemical that will liquefy the soil that is present in your carpet or rug. After introducing the agent to make sure the agent introduced to clean your rug or carpet’s fibers, steam is introduced. Steaming start with heating the water near to the temperature that it boils, it is then or pressurized to come up with a steam, afterwards, it is introduced to your carpet or rug.  


The advantage of this method is how it can deeply clean your rug or carpet. Moreover, through the temperature introduced and the initial chemical process, you are sure that there is a more concentrated clean and sanitation. 


One big disadvantage when it comes to cleaning your rug or carpet that involves introducing water is the time of drying. More than that, since this cleaning process involves water steaming and chemical agents, for sure there is a greater cost involved.  

2. Dry Cleaning Method 

This method involves compounds that have great absorbent capabilities. The initial step is to introduce a powder that is a combination of both a special solvent and a cleaning agent. The powder is then introduced and scrubbed to the carpet through the use f a rotating scrubber or brush. The powder is responsible for absorbing the presence of soil that is lodged in the fibers of your rug or carpet. This process has also been done for wet cleaning method, the difference is after the powder is introduced in the dry-cleaning method, it is left in your rug or carpet for a period of time. An estimate of 10 minutes or longer is the most common waiting time. After that, the powder is then vacuumed. 


The advantage of this method is how it is so simple. Working your way through the process of dry-cleaning method does not really need a lot of technicalities. More than that, the method does not include introduction of liquid thus drying time is not a problem or issue. The method also does not require a long period of time; thus, a day is technically too much of a time.  


One disadvantage of this process is the possible buildup of the powder introduced when cleaning your rug or carpet over a long period of time. Since the process did not involve rinsing, vacuum alone may not really clean the rug thoroughly as wet cleaning. However, if you are up for maintenance alone, this process or method will totally suffice. Thís is a great choice when it comes to a quick clean.  

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